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Jim Stolze

Tech Entrepreneur

Artificial Intelligence in the board room 

It has been referred to as the greatest technological breakthrough in history: Artificial Intelligence. All around the world, companies are investing heavily in AI, machine learning and deep learning. But what is it? And how will it affect the world of data-driven business?

At DIANA Day, Jim Stolze will give a ‘crash course’ in artificial intelligence. Not only will he explain the basic concepts behind AI, he will also inspire us with specific examples and tell us what it all means for strategy, talent and the future of organizations.

About Jim Stolze (NL)

Jim Stolze is a tech-entrepreneur and a prominent figure on the European startup scene. He knows how to combine humor, technology and inspiration!

In 2009 he was approached by to become one of their twelve global ambassadors. Between then and 2016 he was the driving force behind TEDxAmsterdam and many other TEDx events in Europe, the Middle East and even the Caribbean.

As an alumnus from the prestigious Singularity University (California), Jim Stolze is a thought leader and changemaker in the field of exponential technologies.

Since 2017 Jim has focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI). With his Aigency platform he connects anything from algorithms from PHD-s and startups to data-sets and challenges from large corporations. This initiative was labeled by the media as “the world’s first employment agency for artificial intelligence”.

In 2019 his book ‘Algoritmisering, wen er maar aan!’ was published in 2019 and hit the management-books charts in no time!

Jim Stolze frequently addresses diverse groups around the world. Previous performances include:

Advertiser’s Summit in Copenhagen (Denmark), Content Accelerator in Helsinki (Finland) & Hungary, Entrepreneur’s Night in Tokyo (Japan), ICT Summit in Istanbul (Turkey), MPI Conference in Düsseldorf (Germany), NEXT Conference in Berlin (Germany), PETS Forum in Prague (Czech Republic), SME Envoy Meeting in Paris (France), TED University in California (United States), TEDxMuscat in Oman, United Nations in New York (United States), …

Recent publication: Forbes on Aigency: ‘Who’s Afraid Of Artificial Intelligence?’


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