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Jonathan Beeston

Product Marketing Director Datorama

Data, Growth, and the New Marketing Mandate

In the past, marketing was often seen solely as the steward of the brand — and ultimately a cost center. However, driving business growth has emerged as a new mandate for marketers. Armed with data, all marketers — from analysts to channel managers to executives — are expected to operationalize their growth objectives and prove the value of every marketing investment. But this transition to marketing-led growth has not been without its challenges. Understand the interplay of growth and data in marketing today, and how the Datorama platform is helping marketing Trailblazers deliver on their growth mandate.

About Jonathan Beeston

Jonathan Beeston is product marketing director at Datorama (a Salesforce company) for EMEA. He’s spent 20 years in the digital marketing space, with a particular focus on data driven marketing in search, social and display advertising channels. His experience includes time at advertising agencies such as Mindshare and Croud, advising a wide array of clients, as well as sales and marketing roles at technology companies such as Efficient Frontier, Adobe, Integral Ad Science and now Salesforce.


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