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Nicolas Lierman

Digital Innovation Architect

The power of Graph Technology in a connected world

Let’s face it, I’m probably more likely to get invited to my boss’s wedding next August than you are. That’s because, in everything that we do – and even more so in real-life – relationships matter a whole lot more than the individual characteristics constituting the perfect wedding guest.

So why don’t we think about our data in the same way? We all know that the volume of data we collect increases significantly every year. But the real value doesn’t come from the amount of data we collect, but from the connections between such data.

Got 100k subscribers on your Saas platform? Nice.
Got 4 million users on your e-commerce site? Awesome.
Got a zillion clicks from your ad campaign? Probably fake.

But are you connecting your leads with your buyers, your likes with your engagement? Can you visualize the complete customer journey?

It doesn’t matter how much data you have, if you can’t uncover those relations, your marketing will never be really effective. So how do we harness the power of relationships in a digital marketing context? The answer is graph technology. Graph databases are the fastest growing database technology and can transform the way you activate your data with your digital marketing strategy.

About Nicolas

Nicolas is a creative programmer with a digital marketing background. He currently works as Digital Innovation Architect at MultiMinds, where he plays a key role in positioning the company’s technological viewpoint.

Nicolas launched his career as a TV producer and created the first interactive show on Belgian cable TV, but during that time he soon discovered that his true passion lay in interaction design by creating data-driven experiences. After a few years of working for digital marketing agencies, he moved on to Silicon Valley to work for Google and a number of high-tech start-ups in the data realm.

In 2008, he returned to Belgium – he may or may not have been responsible for the financial crash – armed with a unique perspective and destined to make his mark on Belgium’s digital marketing landscape.
Nicolas Lierman has been a frequent speaker at technology conferences.

Previous talks include:
Flash on the Beach (UK), FITC (Canada), Digital Marketing First (Belgium), Adobe MAX (United States, Spain, Italy), Scotch on the rocks (UK), OnAir Tour (Europe), SXSW (United States), MultiMania (Belgium).


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